This campaign aims to increase awareness and understanding of the ‘microbiological reality’ of Pfizer's operations. Together with the employees of Pfizer Puurs, Elza fights to promote the health and welfare of patients by ensuring the quality of their aseptic medicines. 
I designed and illustrated the characters of the campaigns namely Elza and Vik (superheroes), Mike Crobio (villain), E-team (group led by Elza) and micro-organisms army (led by Mike). It was a really long process but I had so much fun designing the characters (especially with Mike and his army).
Elza Character Design
Elza is the cool and sassy heroine who fights villain Mike Crobio.
She is seen in a series of different poses and in her work attire.
Vik Character Design
Vik is Elza's partner, another superhero who cares about safety.
Elza and Vik
Postcard and posters promotion for the campaign.
The E-team
Led by Elza, the E-team signifies Unity: Together for the patient, fighting the invisible enemy.
Mike Crobio
The invisible enemy who is sneaky, invisible and malevolent, but smart.
Here he is seen before and after defeat (by Elza, of course).

Micro-organisms Army
An army of invisible foes, microorganisms led by Mike Crobio.

Comic Strip
For Pfizer's booklet insert.
Movie-style Poster
For display in production restrooms.
Photos of the Campaign
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